One Word Inspiration

Today’s post requires an explanation! I am currently taking a writing course and today’s assignment is called One Word Inspiration. These are the words to choose from, interpret and write about as your mind is inspired.

treasure ~ regret ~ home ~ love ~ uncertainty ~ secret

LOVE..I love my job. I get great satisfaction from making a difference to the animals and owners I work with. I would love to do more, share more, enlighten and teach. But I am comfortable in this place, which is..HOME..This is my comfort zone, where I don’t need to challenge myself. I can stay here, doing the same as I always have, and feel safe. I don’t need to do more, I can choose not to. Doing more leads to..UNCERTAINTY..Something that befalls most of us, in many different ways.Writing my first book. There are the questions that stop us starting something new, or progressing something we already do. Can I actually do it? Can I stick with it for however long it takes? Do I have enough to say? What if I get stuck? Then there are questions that make us doubt our decisions, and want to stay in our comfort zone. Will it be any good? Who will read it? What comments will I get? Will people like it? But this only leads to..REGRET..If I don’t do it, will I regret it? Will I regret not giving myself permission to be the best I can be? Achieve all I can in this life? All the knowledge I have. It’s not a..SECRET..It deserves to be out in the world. It’s right to share knowledge, experience and help others achieve all they can be. And if I do this I will..TREASURE..The journey. The self-development to be better, wiser, more confident. The fulfilment of my soul. I will treasure each and every time a person and animal has benefited from anything I have to give.

19 thoughts on “One Word Inspiration

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. I still get caught up in the fear generated by uncertainty: “What if something should happen to one of my family members and I need to be continually by their side in the hospital?” When these fears arise, I repeat her words to myself: “We all must develop an assumption of safety.”

    Thanks again.


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    1. Hi Garima,
      Thank you, I’m glad you like the post. You are right, it is so hard to stop these fears, as it could always happen, but the phrase β€œWe all must develop an assumption of safety.” is a very good thing to live by, along with having an idea of what needs to be done if something happened. Mostly the bad thing doesn’t happen, but if it does, and you’ve thought through things, you already have a plan, and knowing what you would do always lessens anxiety about uncertainty. Take care.x

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  2. Hi Kathie,

    I love that all the words in the assignment spoke to you! I especially connected with your lines on REGRET because that is something I always feel with respect to certain key areas of my life like health, personal development, writing et cetera.

    However, it is something that can definitely be fixed. As long as you’re breathing, there’s always another chance. When I started realising that it is never too late to start, I immediately felt the change in my outlook on life. I particularly take inspiration from so many elderly people who became the best versions of themselves in their late years – Louise L. Hay, Olga Kotelko, Fauja Singh et cetera. because they went through tremendous changes.

    I really admire that you work with animals. Nothing can be more rewarding than being of service to another living being. Loved your take on the assignment and look forward to reading more. Thank you!


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  3. Kathie, What a good post using all the words like you did. I enjoyed that.
    I never use to worry about anything happening to anyone else until my son died. Now I worry about Danny on the drives to and from work. Remember it is only 2 miles on the paved road to the park. Very little traffic. Just lot’s of corners.
    I worry when he is burning. Prescribed fires.
    I don’t worry about disasters (man made like maybe I should) or anything like that…Thank Heavens.
    Except storms.
    I worry about Storms.
    No AC. The never ending heat sucking the life out of me.

    How far are you with your book? WHat kind of book? If you have posted on it and you probably have I will find it.
    I miss working and riding horses. Working with animal in general. Raising them
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    I am off to read more from you.
    Love and Hugs Sarah


      1. I am doing ok. Danny really has no idea how bad the fears get sometimes.
        When I was healthier, I would go along as part of the fire team just to be there.
        I was the Gopher, I am trained as a firefighter for the park. I often drive one of the fire trucks. You should see me drive the old deuce in half.
        It is quite a sight.
        I usually stay as far away from the flames as I can.
        Yes, Losing Bobby was the hardest thing I will ever go through.
        It made me both stronger and weaker. Love Sarahxxxx

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