A Tale of Two Horses – The Book

I’ve just received an advance copy of my book, A Tale of Two Horses.

To see all those pages of plain type become this wonderful book is amazing.

Huge thanks to Jude Brooks and the team at Hubble & Hattie for making this possible.

It tells the story of my first year with my two Thoroughbred ex-racers as they make the transition from reactive horses with behavioural issues to content, well balanced horses. My teaching is force free both physically and psychologically, enabling free will and ensuring the emotional mind is content, showing the reader how to apply the same principles and methods. If you know anyone who may be interested in it, please let them know.

You can buy it here http://www.hubbleandhattie.com/shop/HH4794/

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Horses – The Book

  1. OMG I just told them to notify me when it gets published! I am so getting a copy of this! Being a single mom it might take me quite a bit a time to read it and yet I am committing to complete it! I am beyond excited to learn more about what you have created in your life with your horses! You are amazing! Thank you for sharing what you have learned to the entire world! Much Love!


    1. Thanks for such enthusiastic comments, Johanna. It should be available around the start of December, I think, so not long to go. I really hope you enjoy the book, and will value your thoughts on it. kathie.xx


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